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Which of the following Was Not an Agreement Reached at the Yalta Conference

14 Nisan 2023

The Yalta Conference was a pivotal moment in world history, where the leaders of the Allied powers gathered to discuss the post-World War II world order. The conference took place from February 4 to 11, 1945 in Yalta, Crimea. Among the key agreements reached at the conference were the division of Germany into four occupation zones, the establishment of the United Nations, and the decision to declare war on Japan after the defeat of Germany.

However, one agreement that was not reached at the Yalta Conference was the issue of Poland`s border. While the Soviet Union and the Western allies agreed to allow Poland to regain its independence, there was disagreement over the border between Poland and the Soviet Union. Joseph Stalin, the Soviet leader, insisted that Poland`s border should be moved westward, while the Western allies wanted to preserve Poland`s pre-war borders.

Ultimately, a compromise was reached where Poland`s border would be shifted to the west, but it would be compensated with territory taken from Germany. This decision, however, would later prove to have significant consequences, as it would lead to the forced relocation of millions of ethnic Germans from what became Poland after the war.

In addition to the issue of Poland`s border, there were also other unresolved issues at the Yalta Conference. For example, there was no clear agreement on how to deal with the Balkans, which were seen as a potential flashpoint for conflict. There was also no consensus on how to handle the Soviet Union`s demands for reparations from Germany.

Despite these unresolved issues, the Yalta Conference was still a turning point in world history, as it laid the foundation for the post-World War II world order. The agreements reached at Yalta helped shape the course of the Cold War and set the stage for the creation of today`s global institutions such as the United Nations.

In conclusion, while the Yalta Conference was a defining moment in world history, not all issues were resolved. The issue of Poland`s border was a significant point of contention, and other issues such as reparations and the Balkans remained unresolved. Nevertheless, the agreements reached at Yalta were still crucial in shaping the post-World War II world order and laying the groundwork for the modern international system.